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What people are saying about us:
I am not sure what we would do without Brentwood Pet Sitters!!!!  Our two
dogs really look forward to their regular walks 3 afternoons a week when we
work long hours.  BPS are excellent to work with because they are very
flexible even if our schedules change at the last minute.  I know I can
trust them to make sure our dogs get lots of love, exercise, and attention
when we can not be around.  Bella and Izzy give wags of thanks and can't
wait 'til the next visit!

Margo and Charlie Keene
Brentwood, TN

Suzanne at Brentwood Pet Sitters has taken care of my pets for almost a
year now. The ability to keep them at home and not kennel them is worth its
weight in gold, but luckily Brentwood Pet Sitters doesn't cost that much!
They are not only reliable, but love my pets (almost) as much as I do!
Suzanne has also come to my rescue several times when I am unexpectedly
kept out of town longer than I planned.

K. Fredrickson

You have probably asked friends and relatives to check on your pets
while you are out-of-town. If you are like me, you were probably anxious and
worried about whether you were inconveniencing these friends or maybe
if they were coming as often as you would prefer and giving your pets the
proper care.

With Brentwood Pet Sitters, you never have to worry. You know that your
pets are being taken care of by professional and loving people. I am
always comforted to know that while I am away, my pets are safe and
secure in their own home.

Brentwood Pet Sitters is an incredibly professional service. From the
small extra details like daily comments regarding my pet's behavior to the
other services such as turning on and off my lights, I know I am getting the
best care for my pets, my home and me!

I highly recommend this service to anyone who cares for their pets and
wants them to have the best care possible!

K. Schenerlein

We had a wonderful experience with Brentwood Pet Sitters. We have an
elderly dog, Brandie, and she has never been kenneled and she has never
had a pet sitter. We were really in a “bind” one time and I called Brentwood
Pet Sitters. The amount of attention that Brandie received was more than
she gets from us and I know she “enjoyed” her experience because she barked*
and she never does that anymore! Thanks for everything and caring forBrandie as much as we do!

M. Kellams

*Brandie barks when she wants someone to stay with her instead of
leaving. Brandie figured out what a pushover I was early on during our visits!

I have tried other pet sitting services before but I was not pleased
with the care or service. My experience with Brentwood Pet Sitters has been
I am a single, career woman who spends most of the week out of
town on business. It's such a relief to know that my three fuzzy girls are
taken care of at home, where they are safe and comfortable. My cat isscared of dogsand does not like going to a kennel & finding some to keep two ferrets can be a challenge as well. When I am away, I sleep so much better knowing my "babies" are well taken care of. Often I have to travel
on short notice, but the pet sitter has always been able to accommodate me.
It's also nice to have someone willing to check on my "family" when the
holidays are here and I am often out of town then as well. I would recommend
Brentwood Pet Sitters any time!

M. Lambert

Brentwood Pet Sitters have been taking care of my two dogs, a 1 year old
designer girl, and a little Corgi boy puppy (10 weeks old when they started)
4 times a week since late September. They play with the dogs, clean up any
messes (and with a puppy there have been many), and leave them with
cleanwater and treats. The service has been wonderful. One day Suzanne
came to train a new helper when I was home and when I saw how thrilled both
dogs were to see her, I even felt a little jealous!
They have been flexible in scheduling to meet our sometimes changing
needsand completely trustworthy. It would not be possible for us to have
these dogs with any peace of mind if it weren't for Suzanne and her helpers.

K. Porter

We left our kittens with Brentwood Pet Sitters. What a wonderful experience!
Our kitties were taken care of as if we were there. They were fed and loved.
When we returned home we found nothing amiss. The two kitties acted as
though we had never left.
We recommend Brentwood Pet Sitters to care for your loved ones.

Mr. & Mrs. Rothacher

P.O. Box 3669, Brentwood, TN 37027, 615-776-4130,
Brentwood, TN pet sitting